About Us

LNS is a company supplying components for best Polish producers of the refrigeration industry. LNS is characterized by dynamics, openness to technical innovations and rapid execution of orders. Our deliveries cover entire Europe. Carefully investment decisions, integrity and responsibility in the fulfilment of the commitments, enabled the company to achieve a stable position on the market. Our experience provides comprehensive and professional service sales for customers. We are perfectly adopted to customer’s needs, so that today we are able to offer the highest quality products at attractive prices.
LNS company offers the highest quality refrigeration components for professionals:
  • Parker - HERL and R/S valves.
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning automatics Parker - SPORLAN
  • Chemicals and oils Parker – Emkarate
  • Refrigeration controllers LAE Electronics
  • ONDA: air coolers, vertical and horizontal air condensers, shell and tube heat exchangers: condensers and evaporators adapted to work with low temperature fluids and sea water. Plate heat exchangers. Dry-coolers, horizontal and vertical liquid receivers, screw compressors oil separators.
  • Monitoring and recording systems based on PC or web-servers (such as wireless).
  • Friga-Bohn: Reach-in coolers, Step-in coolers, Walk-in coolers, glycol and CO2 coolers.
  • Heatcraft: Unit coolers, Dry coolers, housing condensing units, compressor units.
  • ELCO: Shaded pole motors, energy saving motors (ECM/ECM HC).
  • Q-engines and accessories.
  • The most effective heat recovery EUREKA.
  • Refrigerants: R404A, R134a, R507A, R407C, R410A.
  • Sedes Group: heating elements:
  • Constant power or constant resistance cables (braided or without),
  • Heating mats,
  • Flexible heating cables,
  • Flexible electric heaters,
  • Flat and tubular electric heaters,
  • Drip trays heaters,
  • Self-regulating PTC heaters,
  • Self-adhesive heating mats,
  • Compressor crankcase heaters,
  • Tubular heaters,
  • Heating bands on drums and tanks,
  • Self-regulating cables,
  • Other components:
  • Freon receivers,
  • Solders,
  • Engines,
  • Automatics,
  • Fin heat exchangers (condensers, evaporators)
  • AVX valves,
  • Professional technical advice.
  • Refrigeration systems design.
We are open for uncommon solutions – we accept individual orders, we discuss the details and adjust the offer to meet demands and the highest standards. We want above all customer satisfaction. In our offers we have mainly controllers, heating elements, but also other components that are used in the refrigeration industry. All our products are covered by warranty. Company’s policy for next years is to provide development in strategic areas, strengthening of the position on the market and provide perfect customer service. We cooperate with LAE electronics, Sedes Group, Parker Sporlan, Herl, ONDA, ELCO.
We invite everyone to read the materials appearing on our website and to start cooperation with us.