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Refrigerant R507A as R22 and R502 retrofit is used in new applications. This freon can be adopted in whole range of low temperature refrigeration.
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Physical properties:

Composition [% weight.] R125 - 50%
R143a - 50%
Molecular weight [g/ mol] 98,9
Boiling temperature (1,013 bar) [ ºC] -46,7
Critical temperature [ ºC] 70,9
Critical pressure [bar] 37,94
Density of  saturated liquid (25ºC) [kg/m3] 1047
Density of saturated vapour (-15ºC) [kg/m3] 19,48
Spec. heat capacity of saturated liquid  (25ºC) [kJ/kg·K] 1,64
Spec. heat capacity of saturated vapour (25ºC, 1,013 bar) [kJ/kg·K] 0,87
Thermal conductivity of saturated liquid (25ºC) [W/m·K] 0,0630
Thermal conductivity of saturated vapour (25ºC, 1013 bar) [W/m·K] 0,0141
Viscosity of saturated liquid (25ºC) [mPa·s] 0,122
Viscosity of saturated vapour (25ºC, 1013 bar) [mPa·s] 0,0129
Ozone depletion potential [ODP] 0
Global warming potential [GWP] 3300


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